Experienced IT & Cybersecurity Consulting

With over 20 years of experience
in cybersecurity and information technology, we are ready to help with cyber incident response, assessments, consulting, CMMC certification, and more.


Policy & Governance 

Cybersecurity Risk Management
Compliance Assessment
Cybersecurity Program Development
Policy Development & Assessment
Process Development & Implementation
Cybersecurity Training

Detection & Response

Cybersecurity Incident Detection Tuning
Cybersecurity Incident Response
Digital Forensics
Malware Analysis

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Syndo LLC is a IT & Cybersecurity consultant and management firm. Our primary capabilities including Cybersecurity Incident Detection and Response consulting and management services. We also specialize in IT and Cybersecurity Policy & Governance consultant and management services. Founded by professionals with extensive experience in government, including DOD, DHS, FBI, and NSA, Syndo LLC is uniquely positioned to provide personalized services to meet your IT & Cybersecurity goals. Our goal is to prevent harm to your organization by cybersecurity threats, and respond to threats. We do this while reducing cost by leveraging experienced experts to implement appropriate and effective cybersecurity measures.